The Black Prince by Michael Jones

The Black Prince

As a child he was given his own suit of armour; in 1346, at the age of 16, he helped defeat the French at Crécy; and in 1356 he captured the King of France at Poitiers. For the chronicler Jean Froissart, ‘He was the flower of all chivalry’; for the Chandos Herald, who fought with him, he was ‘the embodiment of all valour’. Edward of Woodstock, eldest son and heir of Edward III of England, better known as ‘the Black Prince’, was England’s pre-eminent military leader during the first phase of the Hundred Years War.

‘Michael Jones superbly brings to life the campaigns and battles which made the Black Prince’s name’ The Times

‘Will enthrall a wide audience’ Spectator

‘A fascinating biography of England’s greatest king that never was’ BBC History Magazine Book of the Year (2017)

24 Hours at Agincourt by Michael Jones

24 Hours at Agincourt

Agincourt was an astonishing clash of arms, a pivotal moment in the Hundred Years War and the history of warfare in general.

King Henry V’s exhausted troops were preparing for certain defeat as they faced a far larger French army. What was to take place in the following 24 hours, it seemed only the miraculous intervention of God could explain.

‘Jones has reconstructed the battle in fascinating detail’ Daily Express

‘In his hour-by-hour account Michael Jones has created a vivid evocation’ Daily Mail

‘Accessible and authoritative’ BBC History Magazine

After Hitler by Michael Jones

After Hitler

The Last Days of the Second World War in Europe

On 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide. The following day, his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels also killed himself and the crumbling Third Reich passed to Admiral Karl Dönitz. The Nazis’ position seemed hopeless. Yet remarkably, the war in the rest of Europe went on for another ten days. After Hitler looks at these days as a narrative day-by-day countdown but also as a broader global history of a European war that had seen some of the most savage battles in history. Relations between the ‘Big Three’ – the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union – suddenly plunged to near breaking point. This book reveals that tumultuous story.

‘An absorbing history’ Sunday Telegraph

‘An excellent, vivid and often moving narrative’ The Times

‘A superbly researched account’ Mail on Sunday

The Search for Richard III by Michael Jones

The King’s Grave

The Search for Richard III

The official inside story of the life, death and remarkable discovery of history’s most controversial monarch.

In an incredible find – Richard III’s remains have been uncovered beneath a car park in Leicester. The King’s Grave traces this remarkable journey. In alternate chapters, Philippa Langley, whose years of research and belief that she would find Richard in this exact spot inspired the project, reveals the inside story of the search for the king’s grave, and historian Michael Jones tells of Richard’s fifteenth-century life and death.

‘Reads like an up-all-night thriller’ Mail on Sunday

‘Jones’s cogent and nuanced narrative provides the historical ballast to Langley’s search’ Guardian

The Women of the Cousins’ War

with Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory and the two historians who helped research her novels – Michael Jones and David Baldwin – tell the extraordinary stories of three women who shaped late medieval England: Elizabeth Woodville (The White Queen), Margaret Beaufort (The Red Queen) and Jacquetta Lady Rivers (TV tie-in edition)

‘An engrossing introduction to three courageous matriarchs who shaped English history’ Publishers’ Weekly